NIEWADA CLINIC – Implantology and aesthetic dentistry

Client/owner: Paweł Niewada


Scope of work:

Art direction

Creation of the visual language

Brand identity

Interior concept

Design of decor elements

Preparation and supervision

of renovation and industry contractors

Webdesign and development


Professional Bioesthetic Dentistry Clinic in Warsaw

Private Periodontal Treatment Center


Niewada Clinic offers modern technologies, materials and knowledge of experts specializing in implantology, treatment of temporomandibular joints, periodontitis and bruxism, as well as orthodontics and dental physiotherapy.


The use of the best materials and the latest medical achievements, as well as continuous professional development of doctors, is the key to a radiant smile and comfort of patients.


At the clinic, we provide professional care, an individual approach to each patient, listening to their needs and using the most convenient solutions that meet their expectations.

Design and art directing: Paris Hendzel Studio

Identity photography: Aneta Wieczorek

Printing house: DRI Print

Architect – Technical project: Ewa Dyda-Nowakowska

General contractor: remonty




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